Schedule a Call with a Property Manager

Time Frame: >5 minutes

Book a phone call with one of our seasoned Property Managers.  Appointments are generally available in the late afternoon or early evening hours to accommodate the time needed for an in-depth conversation.

What to expect during start-up:

  • Learn About Our Service & Create a Plan

    During your call, our Property Managers will explain our service in detail, answer all your questions, and help you make key decisions necessary to bring your home to the rental market.

  • Sign Documents

    Review your management agreement and setup your account with us.

  • Initial Inspection & Marketing Photography

    We'll document the current condition of the property ahead of your first tenancy and take photographs for marketing.

Signup for Property Management Now

Time Frame: 20 to 30 minutes

Share details of your property, review the management agreement, and tell us how we can access the property for an initial inspection.  This is a great option for property owners and investors who are not currently in the local area.

What to expect during startup:

  • Welcome Call & Initial Inspection

    After completing the start-up wizard below, one of our Property Managers will reach out for a quick welcome call.  At this time you'll select when you would like us to conduct the initial inspection and take photographs for marketing.

  • Let Us In

    Mail your keys to us, or we can pick them up from a family member, friend, or current manager.