Updated: Hurricane Dorian Information

View of Beach with Storm Approaching with Warning Flags

UPDATED: Important Storm Update from NestTenders Property Management

9/3/2019 1:27AM Update

Office Closure, Reporting Damage & Scheduling Rental Showings

Hurricane Reminders for Residents
  • Stay tuned to Local News, Weather Advisories and County Emergency Management.
  • If you're in an Evacuation Zone, heed officials and leave.
  • If staying, make sure stovetops and ovens are in the off position when the power goes out.
  • Make sure generators are used outside and are well vented. Never attach a generator to your home's electric system.
  • Secure all outside items. These have the potential to become dangerous flying objects.
  • If you experience electrical brown-outs (power service rapidly going in and out) temporarily turn off your air conditioning system from the thermostat. Once the brown-out ends, you can turn the system back on. Doing this will prevent damage to your system and keep you cool. A/C service providers will be in demand after the storm, which could lead to an extended period with no A/C.

Original Message

We are continually monitoring Hurricane Dorian as it approaches our area.  Residents should have disaster supplies stocked (e.g., a gallon of bottled water per day per individual, non-perishable food, pet food, manual can opener, medications, flashlights, radios, extra batteries, copies of important documents in Ziploc bags or on flash drives).  Keep some cash on hand, cell phones charged, and fuel topped off in vehicles.  Securing loose outdoor items or moving them indoors.  If your home is on the coast and storm shutters are on the property, we encourage you to put them up.  Everyone should monitor the news and heed the advice of local officials.

If your area is evacuated, please do so.  If you use a generator, do so outside and ensure it is well ventilated.  Do not attach your generator to the wiring of your home as this can damage the property or harm linemen working to restore our power.

The NestTenders office will be closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and all showings have been canceled for those days.  Residents can report storm damage through your Resident Portal, at NestTenders.com or by submitting a Support Ticket.  Our phone system only operates with electricity, so these two options are best for reaching us and will be continually monitored.

Property Owners and Landlords, we know you want information on your property as quickly as possible.  Should the storm be severe we, we will conduct property by property site visits to check for damage observable from the ground.  First starting with vacant homes.  Depending on road conditions, this usually takes a couple of days but we will make sure everyone gets an update as fast as possible.  Again, this is if the storm is severe.  As of now, the storm is projected to pass to the east of the First Coast with heavy rain and wind expected.

We appreciate everyone heeding local authority’s advice and constantly staying updated by news outlets.  As Floridians, we prepare for the worst and hope of the best.  With luck and preparation, we will all get through this together.

Tips for Hurricane Preparation

  • Secure anything outside that could blow into a building, window or storm system, including signs, garbage cans/lids, toys, etc.
  • Low-lying and tidally influenced areas should expect and prepare for flood conditions.
  • Ensure vehicles are serviced and have fuel.
  • Charge your cell phones and mobile devices.
  • Fill jugs and lidded containers with tap water.
  • Listen frequently to radio, TV, or NOAA Weather Radio for status and forecasts of the storm’s progress.
  • Double-check your emergency supply kit.
  • Review your emergency plan.
  • If ordered to evacuate, leave.  Don't ride it out.
Pots on a stove onfire

Reduce Your Fire Risk During Power Outages!

If the power goes out while you're cooking, make sure to turn the stove off.  A large source of house fires during storms comes from the stove coming back on after the power has been restored.