Moving is Tough, Let's Make Sure It's Not Rough

Moving into a new rental home is an exciting time, yet can be quite stressful given the number of responsibilities on your shoulders as you make the transition.  We often receive questions from our residents about different aspects of the process; which is why we’ve created this helpful checklist.

Move-In Checklist

Posting Your Security Deposit

We added the move-in charges to your account. If you have not already done so, please log in and make payment. The security deposit is due within 24 hours of signing the lease agreement.

Establishing Utilities

Your home will be delivered without utilities unless noted in the lease. To avoid moving day surprises, you’ll want to make sure to arrange for power and water to be connected on your first day. A list of utility companies by area can be found viewed here.

Reporting Your Renters Insurance

Your lease requires you to maintain a Renters Insurance Policy. Once you have purchased a policy or transferred an existing one, please upload the policy declaration or certificate to your Resident Portal under the Insurance section. This will need to be accomplished prior to the start of your lease.

Move-In Day

Head to your new home! We will have a lockbox installed on the front door with your keys placed inside. Nice and easy.

The evening before move-in day you will receive an email with the access code. After removing the keys from the lockbox, please lock it back and spin the dial.  Within 48 to 72 hours of lease start, one of our team members will stop by and collect the lockbox.  There is no need to schedule this pickup unless you need additional time to collect your keys.

If you’re anticipating taking possession after the lease start date: Please reach out to coordinate your arrival, utilities and any lawn care that may be needed.

After Move-In (2 to 14 Days)

A welcome packet will be on the kitchen counter along with additional keys and remotes for the property. The packet contains a Move-In Property Condition Report for you to complete and return within 14 days.  Your report, as well as the one we also completed, will be used at move out to determine if any damages occurred during your residency.

Have Questions?  We're Here to Help

We know moving is tough! Our goal is to make the rental side as smooth as possible.  Should you have any questions, please Contact Us.  We're always happy to help!

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