Moving to a New Nest?
Here's How to Wrap Things Up with Us

Thank you for choosing NestTenders as your housing partner, we hope you have enjoyed your time with us. To ensure your departure goes smoothly and you receive a full security deposit refund, we are sending the enclosed checklist. Following these guidelines will ensure the home is ready for a successful move out inspection, allowing for a quick authorization for the release of your deposit. 

We will conduct the inspection within 48 hours of your departure using our Pre-Move In Property Condition Report and your Post-Move In Inspection Report as references. The expectation is for the property to be in the same general condition, less normal wear and tear.

If you have not already notified us of your new address, please do so as soon as possible to prevent a delay in receiving your security deposit.  Full deposit refunds are mailed within 15 days of your move out date and deposit claim letters, if necessary, are mailed within 30 days.

Don't Forget the Thirty Day Notice

All leases call for a thirty-day notice period prior to vacating, even if your last day will be the same as your lease end date. But don't worry! We have made it easy to give notice right from your Account Portal. No need to write a formal letter!

Moving image of NestTenders Account Portal for renters

Move-Out Checklist

Property Condition

Before you move out, we ask that you take the following steps to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Pay all rents and other charges in full.
  • If you have an auto-payment set, make sure to cancel it after your final payment. Here is how to do it.
  • Perform a thorough house cleaning to include mopping floors, cleaning faucets, fixtures, mirrors, windows, glass, switch plates, baseboards, ceiling fans, and appliances. Remove all trash, personal items, and debris. The garage should be in broom swept condition.
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned. A receipt is needed and should be left in the Kitchen with keys and remotes (see below for key turnover).
  • All holes in the walls, wider than a pencil, should be repaired neatly and entire wall then painted from corner to corner to match the existing color. Small nail holes should be left as is.
  • Do not perform any paint touch-ups. If the paint is damaged above normal wear and tear, paint the entire wall from corner to corner to match existing.
  • Replace all nonworking light bulbs.
  • Water filters should be replaced and water softener systems topped off with salt.
  • The lawn should be mowed, edged, shrubs trimmed and flower beds cleared of trash, weeds, and debris.
  • Fireplaces must be free of soot and the firebox vacuumed.
  • Drapes, curtain rods, and blinds should be firmly fastened, cleaned or dusted.
  • Kitchen appliances, clothes washer, and dryer (if provided) should be clean, plugged in and set to default settings.
  • Personal property, vehicles, and all other items not on the property when you moved in, should be removed from the home and surrounding property. Anything left behind is regarded as abandoned and may be destroyed, hauled away or disposed of at additional expense.
  • Schedule trash to be collected prior to the last day of your lease. You may be charged for the cost of removal of trash left after your move out if left at the road.
  • All doors and windows must be properly locked or fastened.

Utilities & Key Turnover Process

  • All keys, garage remotes, gate devices, and community access devices should be left in the Kitchen on the last day of your tenancy and property locked and secured as you leave.  If you have changed the locks and not provided a key previously, please reach out to us to make arrangements. You will be charged for any missing remotes plus the cost for reprogramming them if they are not returned.
  • Do not disconnect utilities until 48 hours after your residency ends. Utilities are vital for conducting the final Move-Out Inspection.  To avoid an interruption of service, schedule your disconnect for 48 hours after your departure.  On our side, we'll order utilities to be connected the day following your last day.  This process ensures utility companies maintain continual service and proper billing for both parties.  Why 48 hours?  This is because many utility companies do not offer connection changes on weekends.  If you have a question about what day to order your disconnect, please reach out to us, so we can coordinate together.

Need a Hand? We Can Help!

As Property Managers, we know how to get this kind of mission accomplished and we're pretty good at it!  If you find yourself a little shorthanded or in a time crunch, let us know.  We can arrange for professional housekeeping, carpet cleaning, lawn care or all of these at a reasonable cost when coordinated ahead of time.  Send us a message letting us know what services you need and we'll get to work!

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