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I have an emergency maintenance issue. What do I do?

Emergency Maintenance Instructions

Don't panic!  First and most important, if you are experiencing a medical, fire, gas leak or you are not safe . . . call 911 for emergency services.  If everyone is safe, please review this entire article to determine whether the service request warrants emergency status and the best way to report it.  

If you have read this far, we're going to assume you are safe and not in danger.  Now, let's determine if your service request is an emergency, priority, or routine matter.

What is an Emergency Maintenance

If you are experiencing any of these issues, we ask that you call us now at (904) 236-4800, option 2 after hours, option 5 when we are open.

The list below is not absolute.  If in doubt, we ask that you call the emergency line as a matter of precaution.  

  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm - The alarm is actively being triggered and the source cannot be determined. Not intermittent chirping due to low battery.
  • Electrical - Not readily addressable but turning off the breaker.
  • Fire - Immediately call 911
  • Gas Leak - Immediately call 911
  • Heating System - No Heat
  • No Power
  • No Water
  • Roof Leak
  • Sewer line failure or backup
  • Smoke Alarms - Alarm is actively being triggered and the source cannot be determined. Not intermittent chirping due to low battery.
  • Unsecured Doors
  • Unsecured Windows
  • Water Leak - Uncontrollable water due to broken pipes or fixtures. Immediately turn off the water supply at the valve or service disconnect usually located at the road.

Priority Maintenance

Service requests for these items/situations are not considered emergencies under the lease agreement.  However, they may receive elevated processing which can include after-hours and weekend dispatch.  To report any of these items please log in to your  Resident Portal account and submit a request for maintenance.

  • Cooling System
  • Water Heater

Routine Maintenance

All other maintenance requests will be addressed on the next business day.  To make a report, please log in to your  Resident Portal account and submit a request for maintenance.  

Emergency Maintenance Line: (904) 236-4800, Option 2 After Hours

Please note: Appliances not working (including refrigerators), lockout/lost keys, and air conditioning systems not cooling are not emergencies under the lease agreement.

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